Ch. Countryview Sealore Satire "Derek"

Ch. Starr's Cracker Jack x Delareina's Design Ofadecade

GROUP 1 Merrimack Valley KC - Judge Jim Noe 1/13/02

Ch. Starr's Tailor-Made
Ch. Countryview Monumental
Countryview Starr Search
Sire: Ch. Starr's Cracker Jack
Ch. Thornacres Storm Warning
Ch. Thornacre's Touch The Wind
Thornacres Simply Devilish
Ch. Tartanside Critic's Choice
Calavar Colorific
Calavrar Lilly Of Th' Mary McClan

Dam: Delareina's Design Ofadecade

Ch. Executives Ride The High Wind
Delareina's Renegades Escapade
Vanity Delareina's Audacity