The first thing about Sealore you need to know is,  we are a family.  Judy and Granny Stringer, in a small oceanside town started this hobby kennel back in the 70's.  Their daughters Annette and Leanne were raised with and always had at least one collie.  As youngsters, Judy and Gran would take them to Matches, the Acconeous shows, and a few local specialties.  At that point we did not attend the all-breed shows.  Mom did the showing along with Annette and Leanne.
Judy taught the girls the importance of well mannered, healthy, intelligent collies.  As the girls got older she made sure they knew how to maintain and care for the dogs, and the kennels.  Their happiness is most important, and the puppies must have what she calls puppytime!

We have not done alot of breeding over the years compared to some.  We feel that quality is better than quantity.  We have based our breeding program on the logic that a breeding should be done only to improve the breed. We all know that even with the best intentions this will always be a gamble.  This is why we strive for the best.

In the 80's Annette went on the road with Danny Cardoza learning the ropes from the youngster that just won the National with the beautiful blue bitch we all have come to know as "Breezy" Ch. Starr's Blue Jeans.  Annette worked with Danny for years and was with him for all of the times he won the national with Breezy. In 1992 Annette went to Tampa Florida with Danny to the National, judged by Billy Ashenbrener.  She went down with her first owner handled champion "Matt", Ch. Sealores Grand Applause.  We got Matt from Danny, Annette had picked him out of a litter that we had whelped for him in 1987. When Annette called home to tell her Mom and Dad that Les Canavan had placed him first in the Stud dog class no one was there and she left a message.  Later that day Annette called again, this time screaming and crying, "Mom we won!!", mom said "I know I got the message that's great".  Annette struggled to say clearly, "No Mom, we won the National, Matt was Best of Breed!!!" After that our lives were definately changed.  Our values did not though.

Through the 90's the grandchildren came. Leanne had the first, "Justin" he is now 15 years old.  He enjoys showing in Jr's and also shows in breed. We are very proud of him. In '94 Annette had her first son "Steven". He enjoys the dogs, but does not wish to show, he helps Grandpa maintain the yard and the kennel he is a very hard worker. In '96 Annette had a daughter, "Hannah" now this little one went to her first show at 4 weeks old.  Hannah has been going to dog shows
ever since.  She started competing in the breed ring at the age of seven, and started her Jr's career at nine years old. By the time she was 9 years and 1 month she had moved from Novice to Open. She didn't stop there, for more on Hannah see Our Juniors page on this site.

We don't just breed and show here at Sealore. Leanne and Annette also do some handling for other people.  Leanne takes beautiful photos, you can see her work on the Photography page on this site. Annette does grooming, pet and show, and she does the grooming for Leanne's photographs. Annette also teaches a confirmation handling class at Steppin-Up Dog Training in Freetown MA.

Our family is also very active in our local collie club "Collie Club of New England".  We all work to help other collie fanciers enjoy this wonderful breed. Everyone has their own interpretation of the Collie Standard.  We hope you all enjoy our version of what a collie should be.

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